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If you are travelling to South Africa and you would like to bring back specific South African food then you might be interested in buying biltong, peppadews, roobois tea, pinotage, rusks??? Don't know what are these products? Get in touch with this South African food glossary and experience all of them to live the real South African way! You can even order these South African products online from well known South African food store.

Appletisers is a cool drink, probably one of the healthiest one! It is made of concentrated apple juice, purewater and carbon dioxide with no sugar! There is also a red grapetiser made with grapes! You can try it from any bars in Cape Town and buy it from any supermarket/South African food store.

Biltong is a dried meat prepared with salt and other spices. It can be made with beek, ostrich, kudu or any game meat. To find out where to buy it or how to do it yourself, check my biltong page.
Boerwors are also a treat for carnivors! You have to taste at least a small piece of boerwors because it also means that you have experienced a braai! Boerwors is a sausage made of beef, pork and boerwors spices (difficult to know what they are! The best is to taste it!). A good way to learn how to braai and try the food around it is to go to braai cooking course.
Dried fruits are very popular in South Africa and they are declined in many fruits: peaches, apples, nectarines, kiwis but my favourites are peaches and mangoes. You can buy them simply dried or dried and rolled with sugar on it. You will find them in any South African food store either at the counter or sold close to the nuts.

Peppadews were born in South Africa! It is a type of piquante pepper and it is very nice in dishes to give a nice sweet and slightly spicy taste. They are sold in jars in any local supermakets/ South African food store.

Pinotage is an hybrid of French varietals pinot noir and cinsault (hermitage), hence the name pinot-age. Mainly a South African grown varietals, it is now one of the top 4 varietals in South Africa, along with Cabernet Sauvignon. To find out more about South African wines, check on my SA wines page.
Rooibos Tea is also called red tea because of the red bush leaves from what the rooibos is made of. It is said to be a great antioxidant. The best way to drink it is with honey but you should avoid milk which, taste wise, does not go with it! You can buy Rooibos Tea in any local supermarkets/South African food store or for a better quality at Origin.
Rusks is a traditional dried very dried biscuits that you are supposed to dip in your rooibos tea (!) to make it softer. Themost famous rusks is Ouma Rusks. You will also find them in any supermarkerts/South African food store. Also, you should go to the bakery at the Egen petrol station on Mill street, they often sell lovely fresh rusks, breads and pastries.

Savanna is a cooler drink made of apples with 6% Alcohol (same than beers). It is an ideal drink if you don't like beers and if you like ciders. It is served in the bottle with a slice of lemon in the neck like Corona beers. Look around you next time you are going to a bar and it will be on most of the tables!

Other than these products, there are also South African specialities that you must try and I am thinking of Gatsby- a sandwich with fish and chips which will fill you until the next morning! You can try Texies' Gatsby sandwich in Darling street. For other specialities, see my page on South African recipes.
Another great way to find South African food and local products is to go to the local markets which all take place in Cape Town on Saturdays.

And if you are not living in South Africa, you can even order South African food online.
To complete your food with good quality supplements, I advise to go to health shops which focus on health and not money! Check their products and judge by yourself if they respect what they 'preach'.

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