Grocery Home Delivery

Grocery home delivery can be organised even if I must say, it is not as stressful to do the daily shopping in Cape Town than it can be in Europe.

The reasons being that there is no so much traffic, you find parking pretty easily in Cape Town, te supermarkets are quite small compared to the huge ones you can find in France and the queue at the counters is almost inexistant because there is a lady helping you to put your shopping in your bags while you are paying (this is so useful!).

However, life can sometimes be challenging and to simply tick what ever you need on your computer and click 'Order' can be so helpful!

Pick'n'Pay and Woolworths offer a wide range of products if not everythin you need with a modest delivery charge.The groceries are delivered from an actual store in your area.

Organic wise, Faithful to Nature and Ethical Co-op are online organic and natural shop with high quality products. All their products are classified either vegan or vegetarian.

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