Best Places in Cape Town

Looking for the best places in Cape Town?

Well, it's subject to who you are and what you like!

Living or staying in Tamboerskloof, in Durbanville or in Claremont offers different lifestyles and that is precisely what I like about Cape Town.

You can live in Cape Town and enjoy various experiences depending on where you decide to stay.

If you ask me, this is how I would define each area in Cape Town so if you recognize yourself in the description then check the specific places and go for it!

The Nature Lover who appreciates beautiful places

best places in Cape to live
or Tamboerskloof are situated at the foot of Table Mountain and Lions Head. It is one of the greenest part of Cape Town and these areas offer beautiful villas with lots of cachet. Both are 5min from town, 10min from the Waterfront and around 15min from the airport.

The Party Animal

Best places in Cape Town to live
If you like being right in the middle of the youngsters and party animals then you should stay in Long Street.

The City and...a bit of France Lover

best places in cape town to live
The Cape Quarter
is also in town but you feel like in a village there. Everything is very pretty and charming and so convenient. This place has been tremendously developped in the past years and especially for the Soccer World Cup.

The Boat and Shopping Lover

best places to cape town
The Waterfront in Cape Town
is the paradise for those of you who love sailing and simply stay in or close to a Marina. It is also the perfect spot for shopping and going out.

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