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So many people would like to move to Cape Town and therefore are looking for Cape Town jobs. If you're one of them, my story below and the advices I am going to give you right now, hopefully, are going to help you realise your dream.

The tips I am giving you here worked for me so hopefully you'll find what you are looking for soon too!

1. Your diplomas are less important than who you are! Coming from Europe, it's so interesting to approach Cape Town job market.

This is a fact, companies here are willing to train you if you are willing to work!

Secondly, employers have a tendency to focus more on your potential and your experience than on your diploma. For most of the jobs unless it's very specialised, you'll be seen as the right candidate if you are motivated, enthusiastic and ready to learn and work.

They select people most of the time for who they see, the potential they detect in the person, and what that person can bring to the company. It's so different from Europe where if you don't have the right diploma you won't even have the opportunity to meet your portential employer! This aspect of things opens lots of doors...

In my case for example, I managed to get a job as a marketing manager in a company and a couple of years later as a route manager in another company in the freight industry while I've studied accounting and finance!!! And for both jobs, they never asked me for a cv!

2. Knock as many doors as possible! Another great thing is the open-mindness of managers and the fact that they are most of the time welcome to listen to what you have to say. I've never sent any cv, I rather called to get an appointment with the manager or director to introduce myself. They might be interested in offering you a position or they might know someone who will be. So privilegiate direct contact as much as possible, and in many cases povoke the event by going physically to the offices of your targeted employer, with a cv, just in case ;-).

3. Yellow pages are brilliant to find contacts and organise your appointments related to the industry your are interested in.

4. Gumtree is the no1 website in South Africa for adverts. They list regular job offers in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa.

All Cape Town jobs is also a great website to look for Cape Town jobs.

Also, if you are looking Cape Town jobs in marketing/sales/communication, you should definitely have a look at Biz community.

5. Word of Mouth! This is an amazing tool in Cape Town which works so well! People are very focused on relationships and therefore network. If you have some time to spend in Cape Town and spread the word about your research, I advise you to go to all the consulates in Cape Town, as well as to the chamber of commerce, meet someone there, and ask for lists of companies in your field of interest. Soon you should get some benefits.


To be legally allowed to work in South Africa, you'll need a work permit.

The great thing is the submission can be done in South Africa and you don't have to go back home to apply for it (as it used to be a few years ago).

It can take from 2 weeks to 3 months. To make it quick and avoid standing in the queue for hours, I advise you to deal with Gerrit at Immigration 4 U. He is going to advise you on which documents you'll have to supply and he'll help you to get it quickly and make the whole process easier and smoother.

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