Rent a scooter in Cape Town

You would like to rent a scooter in Cape Town? What a brilliant idea! Cape Town is a perfect place to move around with this type of transport. The Nature is all over so you will be right out there...Lucky you!

I have listed hereunder reputable and reliable hire agencies.

The tips I would like to give you before you rent one are as follows:

-If you are planning to use a scooter to do, you should check the wind which can be very strong in summer in Cape Town.

- Make sure to take into consideration the time you arrive and the time you leave as it may not be then 2 days of rental but 1 day only.

- Check if your deal is for unlimited mileage as the fee per extra kilometre can be quite annoying

- Is an helmet included in the price?

- Consider carefully the insurance as you never know what can happen

- Don't forget to look at the excess to avoid any bad surprise

- check if the VAT is included in the price given

Now, I suggest that you contact one of those companies. They are both in the city center which is very convenient to fetch it and drop it!

Eurojet (R150/day)- Rent a scooter in Cape Town through

Ldv biking (R165/day) -

Did you know...that Pierre Delliere, Sergeant in the French Air Force, reached Saigon in 51 days from Paris, going through Afghanistan. The Swiss Giuseppe Morandi travelled 6,000 km, much of it in the desert, on a scooter Vespa he had bought in 1948 so why not you for your holidays in and around Cape Town!

Well we have in Cape Town a Vespa club...

If you would like to rent a Vespa,

Another fun and original way to discover Cape Town and slightly different from renting a scooter is with... Vintage World War II sidecar. That is super COOL!!!!

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