Cape Town News

There are many ways to get Cape Town news, either you check local and online newspapers which a great source of information as they are written by local journalists so you will get the facts not the perception of it! When you live overseas, you can't really check if what is saidis real and I can tell you that jounalists ove giving bad reputation to South Africa so don't always believe what you read. Question it! If you read local newspapers it might give you a better idea of the 'real' news in Cape Town.

On a regular basis, actually almost everyday (!), I also update this website with information about what to see, what to do in Cape Town and anything exciting which is currently happening around, all of that appears on my blog! At this moment, lots of the news are about the Soccer World Cup.

Now, if you are looking for all the events happening tonight or this week, Cape Town Today or Overtone should please your thirst for entertainment and fun!

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