South Africa Food

Typical South Africa food is composed of meats that people enjoy eating during happy gatherings called braais or commonly named barbecues! If you live in South Africa, you will become a braai master as you will have many opportunities to experience what it is and if you visit this beautiful country then your trip won't be complete before you attend one!

When you are inviting to a braai, don't eat meat a week before because usually, the weekly recommendation of carbohydrates for an adult is served during these 3 to 4 hours!!!

All sorts of meats are served such as kudu, ostrich, boerwors- local sausages seasoned with Indian spices, steaks, sirloins. For the fish lovers, foiled snoek (local fish)covered with apricot jam and coriander, is normally served a braais.

The side dishes are buttered mealies (corns) and different salads.

Another typical South African meal is the 'potjie'. It is a stew most of the time made of beef and various vegetables which cooks for hours in a three-legged iron pot, over open fire.

Biltong is one of the most famous snack in South Africa.

South African recipes are easy to make and the ingredients can be found anywhere so enjoy South African food for your daily meals!

Usually, tourists always bring back home South African food products as they are cheap and simply delicious! It is a nice way to remember their holidays and also a nice gift. My parents always place an order with me before I go back to France on holiday!

Talking about holiday, there are lovely restaurants which serve South African food in Cape Town or another way is to buy whatever you feel like and go for a yummy picnic in a beautiful place...

There are also cooking classes where you can learn more about South African food.

South African really enjoy their food and they are also lucky to have lovely South African wines to add even more pleasure to any gastronomical experience...! By the way, have you heard of the Top 12 Wines Tastings?

Talking about wine tasting, there are other unique wine tasting experiences that are really worth it during your wine tour in Cape Town.

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