Pilates and Yoga

The difference between Pilates and Yoga

Lots of people actually practice both yoga and pilates. These exercises are both excellent for a healthy body and mind even though they are different disciplines.

Pilates has been invented by Joseph Pilates who founded this practice based on ancient yoga postures (yoga asanas) with the aim of developing physical fitness at the same time. He was forced to stay in a hospital bed fro months to get physical rehabilitation during the World War II. During this time, he developed postures which mainly focused on back and abdominal muscles.

Pilates is quite recent on the sport scene compared to yoga and therefore some people who are already practising yoga are questioning the benefit of pilates related to yoga.

Pilates actually focuses on cultivating core strength in the body, lengthening the spine, improving posture and helping people look more lean. To combine pilates with yoga is highly recommended as they complement each other… Learn how to breathe properly with Pilates and apply it to Yoga. Learn to stretch with Yoga and apply this flexibility to the Pilates physical exercises.

In Cape Town, both practices are very popular.

On the yoga side, I really enjoy going to Yoga zone where Power Yoga and Bikram Vinyasa classes are given. The instructors are excellent and they are two types of yoga which bring different benefits.
For Kundalini and ashtanga yoga and meditation classes, Gururamdas Yoga Studio is the one for you!

On the Pilates side, I advise you to go to Pilates Studio in Sea Point which have great teachers. Now if the place is not convenient for you, you should check for classes closer to your home on Pialtes Africa.

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