Bbq cooking classes

Bbq cooking classes will make lote of people laugh as simply if you ask any South African to prepare a 'braai' (barbecue) they will do for you with great pleasure. It is almost they have been born in front of braai! It is completely natural for them!

By the way, if you are invited for dinner or lunch a Cape Townian's home, you can be 95% sure that the braai area will be working at its best! We have this great system in place which is 'bring and braai'...The guests will bring their meats and sometimes beers and the hosts will supply salads and the equipment for braaing!!!

Anyway, back to the bbq cooking courses...Cape Town is then THE place to learn how to barbecue and the classes are given by real experts with years of experience!

Pick'n'Pay has a cooking school which offers various courses and sometimes barbecue cooking courses. Contact them to find out when is the next one!

Also, if you are willing to do a course outside Cape Town, I highly recommend you Gecko school , based in Durban.

Another tip to learn how to 'braai' with talent is to go to restaurants which are doing barbecue in front of you. In Cape Town, you should have dinner at AndUnion.

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