Health Vitamin Store

Health vitamin store becomes more and more popular as people realise that the food bought in supermarkets actually don't provide all we need in terms of vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs.

To reach the optimum nutrition, it is advised to get good quality supplements...and like anything and anywhere, there are health stores who tend to forget to focus on health and provide good quality (completely natural)supplements. Money becomes the priority!

I advise you to check, double check, triple check on the products which are sold in vitamin health store to find out what you actually put in your body. Be curious!

In Cape Town, Mia at the Health Path (41 victoria av, Hout Bay) makes health the main focus and she really takes time to analyse the composition of the products before she sells them on her shop's shelves.

I also like to go to Health for Life in the Garden Centre shopping centre in Cape Town where there is a variety of good products and I always find whatever I am looking for.

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