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Cape Town is a great city with amazing vibes and so, very inspiring for create beautiful custom jewelry sold online.

Through my shopping experience, I've discovered beautiful pieces of jewelry made in Cape Town and that I'd like to share with you.

These following custom jewelry online have a very unique style and that I'm so happy to show you because the work and love that have been dedicated to each jewelry is amazing.

Some of the designers are friends of mine and they have interesting backgrounds which make their work so different from mass selling jewelry shops.

• Each custom jewelry online is handcrafted to order using only nice materials such as silk, leather, African beads, etc.
• No mass produced jewelry can compare to custom handmade jewelries.
• We ship anywhere in the world.
• Most items available immediately otherwise orders take a maximum of 3 weeks to make up.

custom jewelry online
Mijou's Custom Handmade Jewelry
Mijou, the French lady with a love for the sea and Africa started working on fashion jewelries, 10 years ago in Hout Bay, a lovely fishing village 20 mn from Cape Town. Her love for Africa, the Sea and her French upbringing have a lot to say for her inspiration.
Mijou's collection

custom made jewelry online
Frida's Custom Made Body Jewelry
Frida finds immense satisfaction in working with innovative materials and unique designs to enable a given personality to voice her essence through this medium.
Frida's collection

Gold heart pendant necklace
Caera's Golden Heart Necklace
Caera has created this heart to inspire mankind to change the world by inviting people to stop for a moment and feel the love. The little seed of love sits around your neck and keeps you company through out your day. It serves as a reminder that we have a choice to act from a place of compassion in each moment.
Caera's Golden Heart Necklace

custom jewelry online
Marilyn's custom fine art jewelry
Marilyn is a local Cape Town artist who is passionate about ceramics and Africa. She is making unique fine art jewelry with porcelain, oxide and underglaze pendants.
Marilyn's collection

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