Looking for work from home companies?

Work from home companies? Who? What? How???

work from home companies I always knew that I wanted to work for myself...I just did not have any idea how to start. I did not have any capital and I did not know what to do!

One of my manager from the company I was working for, told me one day: ' I have resigned to build a website! And when you are ready I will show you how it works it's amazing!'...

I could not believe it! From the moment he introduced me to SBI , I've stopped dreaming and I could clearly see where my future would be (at home or in any country I want to travel!) and what it will be! I am usually very skeptical but the proof was in front of me!

I have worked on my website on the evenings after work and during week ends. I had no idea how to build a website and funny enough it has never been a problem but only a pleasure! SBI was holding my hands for my first baby steps on the web! This was a new world for me and I am still amazed of all the things you can learn to make your website working. SBI 's all-in-one set of software tools removes the need for me to have any tech knowledge.

Success means more and more visitors to earn money! SBI helps you to build quality content and so pages on your website which bring traffic and convert these visitors into buyers.

Since I have stopped being employed, my whole life has changed! I'm now working from home and from various other places(check where I've spent the past months on www.nadegeandfred.blogspot.com ...I was on holidays in France but instead of 2 usual weeks of holidays I have made 2 months because I can work on my website (and earn money)along the way! NO need to be at work at 8am! No need to be at home either! This is amazing!

Isn't it great to write about Cape town, while on holidays in France and receive emails from people I don't know who are from Australia, the UK...who just want to know more about Cape Town or who simply say thank you for the information on my website!

You have no idea what your life can be, working this way until you experience it!

I am not the only one who is having a fantastic life! Check here!
Go for it! If you have any passion, interest or expertise you would like to share, I can only recommend you to contact Solo Build It and they help you like they helped me, to build a website around it! And your research for work from home companies will soon be history!

I hope that my story is going to help you get a better life...

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