What is Eco Tourism?

What is Eco Tourism?

Ecotourism or ecological tourism refers to responsible travel to natural and unspoiled areas, and usually protected areas that conserves the environment and helps the local people to live better.

If you decide to go on an ecotour it means that you are sensitive to the environment and you are planning to somehow support the natives.

Therefore, before you decide to go for ecotourism holidays, you should remain yourself what is ecotourism and don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions to find out if your tour or your trip will improve the places you are going to visit.

Many organisations in the tourist industry abuse of the terminology and proclames that they offer eco friendly holidays while nothing is going to benefit the environment.

These are a few examples of real eco tours in Cape Town.

Cape Eco-Tours , as per their website, " will take you into nature too, but with the emphasis on the entire ecology and conservation of such areas. Taking only individuals or small groups of tourists into protected areas will minimize the impact on the environment, and will give us the opportunity to share in the wonders of nature. Eco-tourism is also about social responsibility.

Visits to rural areas will benefit these communities. By benefiting the local people from tourism, they will want to preserve what is precious to them and to us. Many of my tours will take you to the country side, where you will meet and interact with the local people, sharing in their pride of our beautiful region."

Birding Ecotours offer Ecotours with different themes such as birdwatching, mammal ecotours, birding ecotours cruises...

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