Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Cape Town is the place for vegetarian and vegetarian cooking classes. Lots of people are health and nature conscious in this city and do everything possible to respect both!

The best of the best of all cooking classes I can recommend you is Super Foods . The course is over one week end and it nourrishes your brain and your body! They supply you with interesting information about nutrition and a way of cooking which is beyong your expectations! Have you ever made pastas with vegetables or cream cheese with no dairy or pizzas with raw foods??! Well, if you say no to all of these, then this vegetarian cooking course is for you!


Nalanda takes place in the beautiful village if Greyton (2h drive from Cape Town). It is another great way how to learn, in a peaceful environment, how to cook vegetarian, to understand your body type or imbalance, food antidotes and the food as medicine. This is definitely a healthy cooking class.

Other healthy cooking classes are available in Cape Town but I have not tried them yet:

* Touch made by Claudio ( teaches you how we can use food to balance our lives on an emotional, physical and mental level.


Top Notch offers themed cooking lessons over one evening such as Vegetarian.

* Art of living, gives healthy cooking classes for vegetarian over 5 weeks and enables you to prepare easy, nutritious meals easily and quickly. You will be able to start cooking after the 1st class! Each session ends with a delicious lunch:-)

With these basics you can adapt the general principles to cook almost any type of vegetables, grains or legumes. The more you experiment, the more fun it becomes.

The course includes: * practical demonstration & participation * knowledge of nutrition and ayurvedic principles * samples of basic ingredients & spices * recipes * meals

Max 10 people per course and registration is on on first-come-first serve base. Individual one-on-one classes available on request!

For more info & to book your place contact Veena: 084 657 5584 or 021 696 5879.


Love Green Food - From Larissa's comments: "Be inspired to create healthy and vibrant vegetarian food and develop the confidence to explore the variety of dishes available with seasonal organics produce. Empower yourslef with practical tools for a good life.'

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