South African airlines for your domestic flights at the best price!

There are few South African airlines you could choose your flight from.

If you look for international or domestic flights to come to Cape Town, South African Airways is definitely the one airline having the largest network.

Their prices for national flights will vary greatly depending on the options you take and the times of the day. Sometimes a same domestic flight can be 3 times cheaper from one day to the other.

So take the time to browse their website thoroughly and make sure you have chosen the best time and date. You might find that at the end some of their flights even end up amongst the lowest on the market.

Another giant company operating national flights is British Airways (Comair). The service is very good and there are numerous flights everyday to most cities in South Africa.

If money is tight, I can only recommend you the following airlines: Kulula. They are famous for a funky, young style, but the best thing about Kulula is their website, and their prices!

They have lots of domestics flights to and from Cape Town everyday to most major cities in the country, and even to the neighbouring countries.

The website is simply the BEST, by far. It is quick, easy to understand, and very well designed, straight to the point, “it reads your mind!”

Prices are great, but meals and drinks on board are to be paid, so don’t forget your wallet…! ;-)

You also have the option to check with Mango and 1-Time, two low-fares domestic airlines. This is where, along with, you may find the best fares.

However, note that these two airlines do not have as many flights as SAA, British Airways or

Other South African airlines

SA Express and Interlink. use smaller aircrafts and get to places where the bigger airlines do not go. They also do some of the neighbouring countries, so it can be useful to check…

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