Rental car quotes

Rental Car Quotes:

I'd like to remind you to check the following points when you request car rental quotes:

1) Make sure to take into consideration the time you arrive and the time you leave as it may not be then 2 days of rent but 1 day only.

2) Check if your deal is for unlimited mileage as the fee per extra kilometre can sometimes be quite scary.

3) If you are planning to drop the car at a different place from where you rented it, check with the agency if there will be an extra cost or a one way fee. Some companies don't offer this service or they do at a very expensive cost.

4) Consider carefully the insurance as you never know what can happen. As for an affordable car rental insurance quote.

5) Don't forget to look at the excess.

6) Check if the VAT is included in the price given.

Note: To rent a car by week will be cheaper than renting per day.

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