Ostrich pictures

Yes, yes this is easy to take ostrich pictures, they don't always have their heads in the ground! Actually this is a myth and it never happens!

Picture of female ostrich This is the story of Madam Ostrich, 2 years-old who is living, like every winters with a group of ostrich friends.

We are now in March, the breeding season, so she hopes that she is going to be choosen as a dominant female to form a pair bond with this beautiful territorial male, over there.

Picture of male ostrich

Monsieur Ostrich, 4 years-old, very proud, has been elected as the territorial male after hissing several ladies to claim ownership.

Far away, he can see with his great sight, this charming dominant female with her attractive long legs.

He is watching her and after running 43 miles/hour he is within a few seconds, right next to her!

Picture of ostrich dance Madam is impressed and she starts dancing to seduce him and confirm him that he made a good choice!

She knows however that Monsieur will breed with the females in the horizon...which is fine as it's part of the ostrich culture.

Picture of group of ostrich

Madam just requires respect and she won't accept that Monsieur chooses another dominant female ostrich. If he does, she will certainly kick him with her two toed foot which a long, sharp claw...

Picture of an ostrich lying down At the approach of trouble, Monsieur would then lie down and press his long neck to the ground in an attempt to become less visible.

Monsieur seems pretty reliable and he is so beautiful anyway that it will be a pleasure to make babies with him! Picture of an ostrich egg

Talaalala!!! At the end of the season, in September, Madam has managed to lay thirty five eggs. Each egg contains the equivalent of around 24 chicken eggs!

And Madam and Monsieur have lived their love in prefect harmony. They have really given support to each other: she has incubated the egg by day and he did it by night during 35 to 45 days, until...

baby ostrich picture

...Baby ostriches are born! They are so small: ten inches tall and weigh just two pounds!Mummy and Daddy are so proud!

They know that their babies are extremely fragile and stress sensitive. Therefore, to preserve them and be sure that they will survive, they will let the ostrich farms separate their babies from them to live at their own rythms and in a safe environment...


I have taken more ostrich pictures in different ostrich farms. Enjoy them!

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