Heart Painting from Geneviève Bergé

A Passion for Heart Painting...

'My inspiration is predominantly drawn from nature, elements of the beauty that surround us. My motto is to abandon preconceptions and to let the paints and various materials work their magic, with a little help from me.'

This young, local artist from Cape Town is self-taught and her trademark style involves painting on pure white surfaces, giving her work a very modern, simplistic finish with a slightly playful edge.

She uses silver and texture with splashes of bright colour in between. Genevieve has an absolute passion for her art, which is evident in every piece!

Heart Painting from Genevieve 'Magic'
1mx1m, Mixed media.

Price: R2900 (transport on request)

Heart Painting 'Shizam 2' from Genevieve 'Shizam 2'
700cm x 1.5m, Mixed media

Price: R2990 (transport on request)

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