Fun Cooking Classes

Looking for fun cooking classes where you will have a great time while learning something useful?! Well, the following cooking classes are for you! They all have a unique concept so make you life interesting with new experiences!

Kitchen Cowboys is a class just for them...our men or just for you as men! The hunting time is now going to be combined with food preparation as well! On their website they promise to "equip you for intimate dinners, brunches with family and friends, braaiing that will make men quiver and women swoon, baking prowess that will leave swollen bellies in its wake, Asian secrets that will stun and mystify, desserts that will melt the sternest resolve and an appreciation for all things vinous that would make Bacchus a proud and mighty god". Classes on Tuesday evening for 6 weeks.

Kitchen Angel The course is given by Lynn Angel, an experienced chef who travelled through 7 continents of the world and brought back enough knowledge to make a memorable cooking time for you and...your future guests! From the website:"Lynn Angel, now shares her "Five Senses" cooking philosophy with you in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment." The other fun part is you will eat what you have cooked! Classes on Tuesday evening.

Pick'n'Pay organises from time to time 'singles' evening session where you will learn to cook with a partner who might become your soulmate or your kitchenmate! Have fun while you are cooking!

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