Find a funky and lovely restaurant to go out with your friends!

When I go out with my friends, I like to go to a place where there will be good food, good vibes and good wine of course! I have selected nice places where you'll have a combination os those!

Add: 98 St Georges Street Simon's Town
Tel: 021 786 1986
Type of cooking: Mediterranean
I love:
- The view from the terrace where you see Simons Town's harbour
- The lovely earthy buffet for lunchMMMMH!
- The very cosy sofas where you can relax where you can relax after eating

Add: 22 Cobern Street, corner of Prestwich Street
Tel: 021 421 0071
Type of cooking: Italian
Website: none

I love:
- The 3 cheese pastas! Mama mia! If you like cheeses, you will remember it!
- The old and beautiful wooden floor and windows which are from the 18th century!C’est beau!
- Funky atmosphere


Add: 95 Keerom street, Cape
Tel: 021 422 0765
Type of cooking: Italian

I love:
- To book big table upstairs to sit a nice group of friends!
- Nice and stylish decoration
- The fish carpaccio for starter and the chocolate bomb for dessert! Miam!

Add: 121 Castle street, Cape Town
Tel: 021 426 2368
Type of cooking: Contemporary, Fusion
Website: none

I love:
- Amazing food!
- Beautiful presentation of dishes
- The big plates where the food is served. Impressionant!
- The decoration of the restaurant: red, black & white and gold in the toilet!

Add: 2 Deer Park Drive, Vredehoek
Tel: 021 461 7607
Type of cooking: Classy Bistro, Contemporary
Website: none

I love:
- The breakfast menu!
- The forks, spoons on the wall
- The proximity of Deer Park where you can walk after the breakfast to digest!

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