Eat out for a special event...Make your birthday or any other event even more special!

Would you like to eat out for a special event? Well, you should add something special to the evening with a belly dancer dancing in front of you while you eat mezes or eat pastas and sing italian songs with your friends or have a Tanzanian food experience together or why not go to a French cooking class and eat what you cooked?!
Eat out for a special event and remember it for a long time after... that what you should be aiming for! Well, I would like to suggest you a few places in Cape Town where you could organise such an event.


Picture of turkish restaurant

Add: 24 Napier street
Tel: 021 419 2501
Type of cooking: Turkish

I love:
- The mezes you can share with your friends. Vive le partage!
- The 2 large rooms which can be hired together or separately. Why don’t you take advantage of the place to organise a Turkish theme party?!

Add: Corner Bluegum and Huguenot Streets, Eversdal, Durbanville
Tel: 021 976 0036
Type of cooking: Italian home style

I love:
- The unforgettable atmosphere with Italian songs that you will sing together with the owner of the place and its accordion! Youpi!
- The great buffet of anti pasti and the nice selection of pastas
- The 100 seaters in the restaurant which can allow to invite lots of friends for a special event!
- You can even organise a cooking lesson with your friends and eat what you've cooked afterwards! - And don't forget to browse at the deli before eating and above all before going back home! They sell delicous italian specialities. I highly recommend THE Fromagio Duetto Dolce...Un régal!


Picture of Addis

Add: 41 Church street. Cnr of Long street and Chruch street, Central Cape Town
Tel: 021 424 5722
Type of cooking: Ethiopian

I love:
- The typical Ethiopian way of eating! You will seat on low wooden chairs around a small table where they will place a big pancake that you will share with your fellows to collect the food with it!
- The nice African style food and the coffee! Un café, s’il-vous-plait!
- The sharing part of the meal with friends. They can seat up to 60 people upstairs

Add: Parklands Centre, Link Road, Parklands
Tel: 021 556 8722
Type of cooking: Chinese

I love:
- The set menu (great food and lots of food!!!) for 10 persons at R1000
- The big room with Chinese vases around that you can book for the evening. It can seat up to 60 people

Add: 33 Church Street, City Bowl
Tel: 021 424 0000
Type of cooking: Indian

I love:
- To share the various delicious dishes between my friends
- To eat the yummy nans meaning no use of forks and knifes! Authentique!
- That the restaurant can seat 250 people. Be aware of the noise it can make!
- Take this opportunity to organise a Indian theme party

Add:57 Somerset Road, Green Point
Tel: 021 421 4848
Type of cooking: Mediterranean

I love:
- To book a big table with friends and digest on the dance floor!
- To wear 1930’s clothes with my friends and have a fun evening!

Eat out for a special event and include in your dish a salad of fun, good talk, positive emotions and smiles! Enjoy it!

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