Culinary Cooking Classes

If you want to take culinary cooking classes, it means that you are planning to upgrade your cooking and enjoy preparing food at another level...You can book yourself for a day, a few weeks or a few years, no matter the length you will learn amazing cooking tricks and it will improve your talent in the kitchen! So go for it! Book yourself to one of these great culinary cooking classes.

* Sense of Taste is going to giveyou another dimension to your cooking by bringing it from 'basic daily' cooking to fine cooking! This well organised professional cooking course is over 4 weeks and will teach you how to slice and dice,infuse, mousse, make a confit, yummy seafood...

* SA Chefs Academy offer, as per their website, "Lifestyle evening classes if you are an adventurous gourmet with a passion for food, but are not interested in making a career of it. These evenings are perfect for foodies wanting to have a bit of fun while picking up new ideas and tips from real industry chefs. The dishes you cook will be easily reproduced in your own home".

* Asara is a beautiful wine estate in Stellenbosch and they offer classes in chocolate and truffle making. During the three-hour course, the internationally experienced, award winning, pastry chef Bertrand Strauss will will teach you the basic techniques of how to make your own pralines and truffles and do a comparative tasting of dessert wines matched with the finest Swiss and Belgian chocolate. The course covers the following mouth-watering topics such as the history and production of chocolate, the coating and moulding chocolates, the fine art of decorating chocolates and more. And you will learn how to make crisp Hazelnut chocolate, cassis and 72% Swiss Chocolate,crunchy caramel, macadamia nut and Amarula, honey and cinnamon chocolate...

* Chocolate Studio by Lindt is another amazing culinary cooking courses where you will learn how to make extraordinary chocolate desserts from a Master Chocolatier in creating, assembling and decorating a variety of fine cakes and tortes.Mmmmmh!

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