Cooking Classes for Teens

Cooking classes for teens is a great way to give your children a good basis to feed themselves when they are alone at home. They might even discover a new hobby and love for food they had no clue what it was before! Instead of them asking you 'what's cooking?' you might soon be the one asking this question!

And to make it even more fun, suggest your child to gather a small group of friends to share this moment of cooking time together! or why not organisinf it as a birthday party for a change?!

Empower your teen with knowledge!

*Silwood provide cooking courses for teens aged between 13 & 16 years.

All classes are hands-on, so students truly learn through participation.

You should check with them when is the next course as they normally organise them during holidays.

Your teens are now going to impress you and their friends with meals such as mushroom stuffed chicken breast in a cream sauce on mashed potato and a White Chocolate and Coffee Mousse for dessert. This is definitely a great investment for them and...for you!

Silwood also offer cooking classes for kids of 5-12 years old where they will learn things they usually enjoy eating such as pizza or carrot cake.

Bon Appetit!

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