Chinese Language School

Chinese language school is very popular in Cape Town as more and more Chinese people come to Africa to do business.

Also, one in five people in the world speak Chinese so that makes a good reason to learn this language either in Cape Town or in China!

Do you know that it will need a lifetime for a Chinese person to know how to write Chinese?!

In Chinese language school, they will teach you how to write (the basics) and how to speak one of the Chinese languages: Cantonese, Dungan, Hakka, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Teochew or Xiang. The most common one taught is the Mandarin which is the Chinese language that most of the Chinese understand.

Boston Language College offer Chinese short courses to give you a good basis. They have very high standards and they are one of the best language school in Africa.

Abroad languages give you the opportunity to learn Chinese in China!

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