Baboon pictures

These baboon pictures were taken during a tour to see baboons in Cape Town with Baboon matters . It is a wonderful experience where you get to understand how the baboons behave, how they feel and why they certain things. Everything has an explanation and it is very interesting to watch them with the comment of an expert. The tour was for 3 hours so it gave enough time to leanr about this amazing animal so close to us!!! Unfortunately, lots of people don't car about them and don't respect certain rules to avoid incidents and problems. People who live with baboons around should be aware that they should not leave their garbages outside.

Baboon Matters has developed the inspiring ‘Walking with Baboons’ project in an effort to create a level of awareness and appreciation for these incredible beings. Perhaps through better understanding we will learn a level of acceptance and tolerance that will enable primates to live alongside each other in harmony. The aim is to bridge the gap between the wild world of baboons and the civilised world of their human cousins.

The Baboon Monitor Project was started in 1999 and over the past few years has considerably reduced the conflicts between primates by keeping baboons out of villages for 85% of the time. The project employs 30 men from the nearby community of Masiphumelele. These men work closely with the baboons and have gained a wealth of wildlife experience, as well as developing unique relationships with the troops of Da Gama Park and Slangkop. Funding for the Baboon Monitor Project is of on-going concern as pressing social issues dominate the current funding situation in South Africa.

In support of this important conservation initiative, 25% of nett proceeds from the walks will be utilized to ensure the continuation of the Baboon Monitor Project.

The 2 to 3 hour walking tours will take you through the mountain fynbos of the Cape Peninsula where you encounter the last remaining Chacma Baboons in their home territory. This is a unique opportunity to sit and watch these fascinating animals as they eat, play and socialise around you. Qualified guides ensure your safety and enjoyment of this unique experience

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