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There are lots of avocado recipes you could experience to enjoy this fruit! And one recipe can make you love them and another one can make the opposite effect! I use to hate avocado as a child as in my family in France, we mostly ate them with salad dressing in the peep space. Far too rich!
I've rediscovered avocado in Cape Town when a friend of mine offered me some avo on toasts! Ouah! I loved it and I still love it! I actually could now eat avo and especially in this way every day and even for breakfast! And I nearly do!



2 ripe avocados


Salt and pepper


Cut the avocados in half, remove the peeps and peel the skin.

Mash the avocado flesh.

Add a squeeze of lemon, a bit of salt and pepper.

Toast your bread or your pita and spread the avocado onto the toast.

A little variation of this recipe is to do it with pita. Cut a pita in half on one side only to be able to fill it with cooked chicken fillet and feta. Bake it for 10min that the feta melts and then after add some nice pieces of avocado.

Another way is to cut the avo in half, remove the peep and fill the space with beaten egg. Cover with grated chees and bake for 15min at 150C.

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